They need your help !!
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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
Situation November  2011
We  still need your help !!
It s been two years since I started to publish the  story of Warin and helping stray dogs and using the media and internet to bring it out in too the moment  the downfall of this unique project was prevented after  many sponsors and private foundations were prepared to offer help and saw the usefulness of changing this hell of these dogs and  turn  it into a dog shelter where better and more professional help could be provided to these forgotten and suffering stray dogs

What has happened since 2 years ago
1. A concrete wall around the kennel with entrance door and drive way  offering to car, s / buses with tourists or any visitors
2. Sleep places for dogs were built with water supply  to keep them clean
3. Own water well with water storage, where chlorine is mixed into the water to ensure hygiene
4. 2 sick bay s were built for wounded and sick animals
5. A separate shielded kennel was built were disabled dogs in large groups can live
6 A separate room was built for puppy, s that are thrown away by owners
7. A first aid room with possibility of castration and sterilization operations was built
8. a fence was made around the kitchen
9 All dogs in the kennel are sterilized / castrated
10. Dogs outside the kennel in the surrounding area have been caught and spayed and neutered during several sponsored  actions

All in all a total metamorphosis was  accomplished by the sponsors ,who were prepared to donate to our center  and who  believed in my plans and promises made to them and that were kept !!!
But the goal is not reached yet and that is to make the center self supporting eliminating the primary dependence  on  only donations

Plan to make The centre self supporting

Was not reached because of the following issues

costs to realise that plan were 35.000 euro
The exchange rate from euro /dollar to the thais baht devaluated to the baht for more than 20% wyhich has mede everything more expensive and donations less money than before .
3  Costs in Thailand are becoming higher and we have a lack on nessessary staff and not the money to pay them !!
4  We had to build a small emergency room and operation room as we could not wait for the big plan to come true

The need to  carry out a smaller plan in which only the restaurant and reception area for tourists is still there,  and therefore we hope we carry out  this plan when we will have a sponsor (s) who will support this
But right now the only sponsoring we have is :
1.Some dogs adopted a virtual
2.Dutchy puppy (but not monthly)

This means that financial problems have arisen again to be able to pay the monthly costs  for providing a safe haven for  the 250 stray dogs and to perform surgery wound treatment, and Neuter/spay of dogs in and outside the center!

We would like to ask anyone for help during  emergency to save  this unique center before it might disappear and with that  the assistance it provides to many stray dogs in Thailand

What do we need

- monthly donations to the monthly cost

- people who are willing to find sponsors, and have computer skills

- Volunteers with management skills who want to helpin several area,s think and to set up new projects