They need your help !!
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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
Warin a very beautifull person
After Mona started causes for Warin I have been following this new social media as it became the first one that was not done by myself but by others who are starting to come with new Ideas to help Warin something I apreciate deeply as it is nearly impossible to do everything just by miyself which should belong to a team

Marie from France is getting more involved and supporting  the huayang dogs rescue center by publishing photo,s and story,s and asking for help where ever she can, besides here donations every month

The 3e person who is getting more involved is
Debohra from Australia  who is well known for her help to the  people from Cambodia

and who ownes
Sang arun a resort not far from the dog center

I am more than happy that new people are getting involved in Warin her dog shelter and starting to see Warin as I see her as
a very special dedicated woman who gives everything to these straydogs who were forgotten in Thailand

And I hope that all these effords are going to lead to the nessessary donations needed to keep this project alive