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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand

                             Dutchy Puppy
Visited the  rescue center of Warin by sending   Ingrid van Bree a well
                           respected volunteer of Dutch puppy 

And suddenly we got a message  Ingrid van Bree a volunteer  from Dutchy Puppy that she would visit Warin her dog rescue center during her trip to Thailand
After a brief email exchange between me and Ingrid  it  was agreed and would  leave  the next day for Huayang

It soon became clear that the beautiful Ingrid, also was a realistic young woman with considerable experience with  animals by her  training as a veterinary assistant, and since early this year working as a volunteer for Dutchy puppy

After a pleasant day and evening we left next day for Huayang and  Ingrid had her  first impression of Thailand during the 500 km long drive to the south

when we got to Huayang  we met  a nervous Warin, who already had busy days preparing for  this visit and was constantly in fear that she might not be possible to meet the expectations of
Dutchy Puppy

Fortunately Ingrid s got her to ease  down and Warin  did  show Ingrid the rescue  kennel where the name plate Dutchy puppy repeatedly emerged as the  major sponsor of Huayang
The next day began early for Ingrid who early at 07.30 had been picked up by Warin at her hotel for working with Warin a day  in the center ,which already started the activities   that night at 03.00 cooking the rice for the dogs

Ingrid felt  that this cooking  should be done on a more convenient   time, and thought  the preparation time of 3 hours a looked  little long, but after seen  a small part of the cooking job Ingrid started to understand  that preparing the food for so many  dogs actually took a long time  as  resources and therefore effectiveness in Thailand are very different from a Western country
Also , the cooking here is still done on wood in order to save cost of gas!

Late morning, Ingrid t  with Warin and some temporary employees fed the dogs  which is quite a spectacle because the dogs often fight each other for the
Food and can be very vicious to be the first to get  to the food
Ingrid made at the end of this food festival, rightly the notion  that some dogs were not  fighting  with spirit and skills you need  to eat enough and survive  into this arena, and that  these poor dogs would be better of  if they would stay in the
Dutchy puppy special care unit until they put on  the weight needed!

also had a surprise for us  in the form of Dutchy puppy T shirts, which quickly became a battle between me and Warin, who would take which T shirt on which Ingrid quickly announced she would not get  involved because her  job was done which was  the distribution of T-shirts to us!
Ingrid s afternoon was spend  on feeding  the temple dogs and other stray dogs along the road to the temple  after which she had  a long talk with Warin

Next morning ingrid and me had to say good bye to Warin and left for Banglamung  where Ingrid continued her vacation on a mini bus  and I was back home again .

All in all, in my opinion a very successful visit from someone with a human face, which really was interested in the  project and Warin with some  good advice and  who was prepared to think adequately about the future of this unique project, and luckily for me had  a good sense of humor something important to me in  matters where needed perspective!

We thank Ingrid and Dutchy Puppy for their  visit and hope that the relationship between Dutchy puppy and Huayang  dogs rescue center will strengthen, and that   many good projects  will follow for  the stray dogs in Thailand which can improve expansion of such projects and the necessary
Neuter/spay of stray dogs in this part of the world