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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
The  Huayang dogs rescue Center of  Warin will start looking for staff in Laos
For some time there are increasing problems with  for finding  employees to the Centre for various reasons and Warin is often desperate  to ensure that daily operations can be performed
Warin has often solved this by herself by  taking  over the work of those missing workers which resulted that Warin was working over 18 hours a day

As expected with such, a workload this  has led to increasing health problems and exhaustion of Warin, and it was time to put an end to this  !

Employees in Thailand Unfortunately, are  no volunteers, and must be paid for their work because they are not able  volunteer because they need income to support their families

Thai people are also often unreliable and do not show up at their workplace destination when they do not feel like it, turning  every day in to a  new surprise in terms of a personnel problem that is known everywhere in Thailand

With the new government Ying Luck, the cost for personnel to rise and there will be a new minimum wage, which will be priceless for Huayang  as a lack of sponsorship and value  of the euro and dollar against the Thai baht from existing  the sponsorship money that is  worth less but the costs remain the same, and Thailand has a high  inflation rate

All in all it was time to look for new solutions and we hope to find this by attracting people from Laos