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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
Heavy clouds over HYDRC
Two years of hard work with good results, a great lot of support, and then a letter from the council that Warin and her dogs have to leave!
I just had  it, and Warin also, despite their arguments that it becomes  closer populated around the kennel, risk of disease, noise
Beautiful words and so understandable, but not one realizes what work here is done every day and is still happening.
Probably, but it is subordinate to the requirements of the municipality and surrounding, the situation seems untenable and something has to happen!

What now, I knew I just could not send a  news letter to  sponsors contact them  for help and understanding
because I had nothing more to offer than empty hands, and a disaster, because I have over 300 dogs to  let loose in the jungle, the beach or just put down what is not according to Buddha
It all seem gruesome dog not worthy solutions, and certainly no  real solutions  for Warin and other fighters for the rights of stray or homeless animals

And the only thing left is to start again at another location where there is no risk of nuisance or growing population of houses and people
I went  to search the neighboring mountains the border between Thailand and Burma as, n 15 km from its current location at the beach, and I found a piece of land which meets the values ??for a very low amount for Thailand from 9000 Euro for nearly 5 acres on-mined land in the middle of the jungle but with the possibility of obtaining electricity and water which is essential for the project!

Of course we are not only buying some land , and everything must be rebuilt and it is within the existing plans for the land of Warin trying to sell despite the attachment of Warin to that property  a legacy of her father  and thus a large emotional meaning and value!

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The land

This land was originally a piece of land which was used for growing pineapples and is reasonably close to a lake for some water caused during the growth of the pineapple
This therefore makes it suitable for Warin her project because without water you can not keep dogs alive and drilling water wells on top of a mountain, is priceless and therefore impossible.
This country, we can  buy relatively "cheap"and because it is not to close too neighbors that exist off a friendly old man and the family of his son who have  no objection if Warin and her dogs move here
The village head of this area has been approached for his consent, this is  most serious and will open doors so that we can build what would normally be a problem
The future plan

The plan is to buy the land when there is money. After an emergency supply for the dogs and build a berth for Warin who trades in her house for a cabin between the dogs
Once the dogs are moved, the rest of the land will be prepared for constructionand  plants flowers and other things so it's kind of park, and go immediatelywill  look at other possibilities for an attraction to tourists to build at  a later time to get going because the  self-supporting status  is still a very high priority and the roots needed  to complete the project affordable and to keep it  alive
Warin her house and land have  to be sold as soon as the dogs  azre moved to the new location than f this money  can pay off debts to the bank and the remainder use the center to rebuild!

Dear readers and sponsors

I ask your help again, and believe me I'd rather not and walked away from this new task that I have decided once again to carry out to save these dogs  and Warin project because they  deserve it
I will like the last time  be there at each step odf the project  and ensure that the money is spent efficiently which is what I've done once before and I've held for 100% appointments with youall

We are talking over 5 rai of land about 1 acre we had 3 rai 3 but could not find near water that is only 5 Rai 5x 1600 M2 M2 = 8000 = 9000 Euro without a fence at least we should have for the dogs and around 2000 will cost
That is 11,000 Euro
I want to sell virtual land like you for 55 Euros per 40 or 28 Euros per M2 20 M2, 14 Euro per 10 M2
So finally this sum calculation continued both upwards and downwards

For this you get back the following:

- Virtual country paper for the purchased land in English
- An indication on the board which state your help and input in  the park
- A free stay when visiting us, in the later to be  build guesthouse with a lifetime membership of the HYDRC.

Donations can be made by paypal

Furtheron I ask you to send me an email at                                                                                                                            

with the m2 that you want too sponsor

Foundations and big sponsors can send their sponsoring direct to a Thai bank account which i will give them after receiving an email from them