The past,present and Future

he dog population was growing that rapidly ,that Warin had to find more and more way,s to cut costs, and was eventually forced to change the food of the dogs in to a mainly plane rice meal with small pieces of fish she could buy at the market being waste, but still had some Nutrition to keep here dogs healthy
Fences where repaired frequently  with cheap materials and Warin more and more started to understand the physical
and emotional problems of her dogs and how to treat them
nevertheless a lot of dogs died because of the bad shape in which they arrived  which was the hardest part of taking care of these dogs ,but at the end she found a way to cope with it .
Bit by bit Warin started to understand that she needed help to carry on with her project as the financial status was getting worse and worse  and where she before could hire help to take care of the dogs ,now there was no money anymore to so
For this the reason I decided to make  this website for Warin in the hope that people will start to support her and the dogs with donations

Present and  Future
Warin has taken  positive actions to find help for her project and had an article  in the Bangkok post magazine  which was a very good translation of who she is ,what she does, and where she stands for, and fortunately
brought  a lot of response from the Thai and foreign community in Thailand
This was also accompanied by the first donations which are needed badly to go on with here good work .
But  the project needs more donations  and support to keep the rescue center alive and running

These  are the challenges to meet  now and in the future

New fences and dog houses
2. Improvement  of the dog food  and fresh water supply
3. A simple dog hospital
4. Medicines and medical supplies
5..High up the  ground in the dog center which get flood
    every  raining  season
6. Finances to hire people  taking  care of the dogs 
Past & future
The past :
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