Parvo Outbreak
They need your help !!
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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
We write  tuesday  6 juli 2010. the day  Holland beats Uruguay in the half finals of the WK in South Africa

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Warin: I love any dog as much as any other, but every now and then you feel something special with that one dog. My puppy LickLick with her big pointed ears was one of themÖ The first time she came to me, wagging and wiggling with her behinds, she began to lick my entire hand. So cute! Her name was immediately clear to meÖ

Last weekend LickLick wasnít feeling very well. She was laying down in a corner and didnít feel for a licking regard. A little bit wagging was just about it. Yesterday we went to the vet with her (almost an hourís drive). An infusion and an injection at the clinic en a strip of pills for the next days had to should make her feel better again. In the evening her unchoking was very thin and she had to vomit. I laid her on a blanket and looked after her for hours. She seemed to feel a little bit better. Exhausted I went to bed. Tomorrow we have to care for 200 dogs again.
It was still dark when I got up in the morning. The first thing I did was going to LickLick to see how she was doing. My lovely puppy dog didnít survive the night.

Every time when one of my dogs dies, it feels like a twinge through my heart. Everything I have I give for the dogs, But very often I find dogs who are very sick or are still so young that the even have their eyes still closed. Left by people as garbage. It happens so often that they donít make it. But what can I do? Money for a vet is very often not availableÖ

Today I have to bury LickLick. I wish her the very best in her next life and pray for her at the temple, hoping she didnít die for nothing.Ē

Let it be clear to everyone that nobody (including me) was aware that there were hardly any vaccinations done by Warin. Warin had concealed this information, because she didnít want to be a burden again to other people "because they have already done so much".

This is an Asian cultural difficulty that makes the communication often very difficult, I cannot change this culture, but hope that I will be able with your help to teach Warin some things, but I realize that this will be a long road and it wonít happen overnight.

I would like to thank all the sponsors and animal friends for their prompt help and donations that made it possible to do what needs to be done.
All dogs will get their vaccine against the Parvo virus, Distemper, Rabies and Canine in the coming week.
The kennel will be cleaned and the ground here and there excavated and thrown away.

Victims at this moment
- died11 dogs
- sick another 3dogs 
Measurs taken
request out for help
- vacines ordered
- vet consulted
- area cleaned
- bodies cremated
After our news letter to our sponsorsfrom Huayang we received a lot of positive reactions and help even from an  unknown foundation
Foundations that helpt us  are :

Dierenleed Azie (belgie )
-  Honden zonder toekomst
-  Hunde ohne zuhause  (Duitsland)

Hunde ohne zuhause is agerman Foundation contacted by Barry from "" honden zonder toekomst "" and was asked to help us
This cry for help was answered by the founder mrs Eichorn

Rosa Mertens  (dierenleed Azie ) from Belgium cane unexpected with a donation for this outbreak 

Further on we got help from other  private people and of course fro Marilee Heiss our American sponsor and representative
we also kike to Thank Wietse Haak who immideatly wrote al his animal friends for help

All the dogs who passed away where cremated tp prevent further infection
On this moment everything seems under controll

All the animals now are vacinated agains parvo ,distemper and Rabies as an extra

Warin has been explained that in the future she has to understand  vacination  is as a  number one priority
and what happened be a lesson why you cant conceal these things without putting the other dogs in Danger