This  Dutch organization is founded By  Barry Jacobs and Betty Klootwijk
after they met Maria Tempelman in Gran Canaria who was trying to save the lives of the endangered dogs
They founded  Dogs without a future  and started to bring Dogs over from Gran Canaria to Holaand Germany and Austria  where new homes are  waiting for these Dogs .
When the organization grew rapidly Perros sin  la Fronteras was formed  in Gran Canaria, to help Maria with her good work and many volunteers  offered their help to the project .
This organization immidiatly responded to our cry for help in Holland, although they have a total different target area than Thailand
We are very greatfull for their help and advice whch they have given to Warin , without any hesitation
Honden zonder Toekomst
Vereniging H.A.A.S
Help to Dog centers in Spain  
This Dutch organization with  his chairman Belinda Meuldijk  ( a famous Dutch actrice and textwriter ) is the main helping force to dogcenters all over Spain , with practical help and donations that are ment for durable help to dog-centers concerning renovations of these Dog centers
After receiving our cry for help they placed it on their website , and Mr Wietse has offered us to take a look at the cost needed to make renovations to Warin her Dogsrescuecenter  in Thailand, which is in a bad situation and flood every  year in the rain season ,and a fence which is in a terrible shape so the animals can get out and often are killed by angry neighbours , or animal haters This help is offereded despite the fact that we are not in their target area !!
We are very greatfull for their help and advice whch they have given to Warin , without any hesitation
Dogs without a future

Worldwide support with medical and care products

The Animal Medical Care Foundation (AMCF) is a foundation whose goal it is to support more than 45 animal refuges / shelters worldwide with medicine, medical equipment and other care products.
We want to make a bridge between man and animal not only by showing the brave volunteers that there are people who care but also by helping animals that help mankind. Animals feed, dress, rescue, heal and comfort us, what would we do without them.
They had a quick and positif response To Warin her cry for help and send us an Application membership AMCFand a list of product which had be filled in by Warin
We thankt them for their help and support !
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Belinda Meuldijk
Our Sponsors
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They need your help !!
World Shelters Foundation
The Dutchy Puppy Foundation by Bridget Maasland and a number of other volunteers was created toto help. dogs around the world . Dutchy Puppy foundations provid support with money and goods. This is how they  try to counter abuse of dogs and  decrease the population of stray dogs . Since 2008 they started  with Dutchy Kitten for cats.
They Helped warin by donate 57 Meters needed to complete the Fence for the Thai rescue Center to be built in Februari This Year
We thank them for their support and help to Warin and her ex straydogs
Dutchy puppy
Bridget Maasland
World Shelters Foundation supports projects of people who rescue stray abroad. Often in a poverty, natural disasters, or war-torn environment disinterest. Against the oppression, these people take care off  food  drinks, medical care, shelter and protection.
They offered to support the action "
meters for warin " with a donation off 1000 Euro's
We thank them for their hel and support to our cause !
Dierenleed Azie (animal suffering Asia)

Animal Asia is a foundation formed by Rosa Mertens from Belgium, which is trying by word and deed to help the animals and organisation in several Asian countries:where abuse of animals is an normal day to day fact .

About Thailand she writes the following:

in northern Thailand  there is a cruel trade in dog skins, street dogs are stolen or picked off the street from their owners and are crammed in cages for days without food or water transported to illegal slaughterhouses where they are often skinned alive
In addition, the large cities are mobilizing people  to poison stray dogs that phenomenon, we only found out now and we will also pay attention to and to take action
We are directly in kontact with an organization in Thailand that receives and handles stray dogs castrate and sterilize and therefore we will also financially support
This is only a few of the atrocities that we know of ...

I am pleased that the shelter of Warin now belongs to the reception centers in Thailand, where Mrs. Rosa mertens has  direct contact with
Warin also has received  a considersble  donation from Mrs. Mertens ,which  will help to make the  dog shelters what currently is  a primary component of the total project Huayang
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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
Is a small foundation in Germany that helps animals mostly dogs in and outside Germany they dont find only new homes  or shelters for these dogs, but also help kennels abroad by finacial support an donations
Individuals can alway,s nock on their door if they worrie about their pet
They supported Huayang during the outbreak of parvo working together with dogs without a future

Dogs looking for a Home  E.V