Warin Taphaothong
They need your help !!
The Huyang Dogs Rescue Center was founded by Warin Taphaothong (the Mother Teresa of the stray dogs), who since 2002 took care of the many stray dogs in Thailand in a unlike way. Her dogs live together in groups in a natural environment; just as in the wild.
The center was managed by own financial means until the point these means where gone and the shelter was in jeopardy hanging on a thin line above a deep cliff.
On this moment help is asked abroad in Holland and America to keep this center alive, and make it Possible for Warin to carry on with her noble work.
Our goal is to change this suffering project into a self-supporting kennel for stray dogs and other animals.
To reach that status a lot needs to be done and the last six months some miracles took place. We are working towards our goal but canít get their without you being our sponsor.
So please look at this website, and join us in the battle against (stray) animal suffering in Thailand.
                                          We need your help !!!!
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Huayang needs volunteers  who are willing and able to keep this center going
we can use all the help we can get
dont hesitate and write us !!!!
Become a Sponsor
As long as  we are building this centre we  totally  depend on donors and donations from third parties
Without your noble gifts to this center we cant make it happen
So pleas become a donor and leave a piece of yourself  behind in Thailand  against  the suffering stray animals here
The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
Dutchy puppy visits Huayang
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Older  News
Huayang center will vist Laos
to try finding staff 
Warin a very beautifull person  
It's time to stop and think after two years what has happened and what should be done in the future  so Warin can continue helping stray dogs in Thailand
At present there is a serious lack of sponsors and the project in financial in danger and can not  performeneuter?spay necessary

We Need quick help for the survival of dogs Huayang rescue center !!!!!

Situation november 2011
Morten Nilsen our Vet from Sweden
Morgen Nilsen from Sweden does volunteer  operations in Huayang 

Mona a special  woman
from France
More and more Warin is getting help in her once lonely battle against the suffering of straydogs in Thailand
Donate by paypal to these forgotten dogs of Thailand
A cry for help from France
Huayang is on Facebook
Morten Nilsen my kind of Vet 
Huayang in big trouble
Rusty Warin her motorbike died
Rusty Warin her motorbike died !!
please read the story on rusty and the replacement we urgently need !!!!
Distemper outbreak
Parvo outbreak
The future of Huyang is in jeapordy
as we are summond to leave to another location because off noise disturbance,by the dogs etc

Please read this story and give us your help so Warin can continue her work in another location