They need your help !!

So yesterday, Sunday, I Hired 3 veterinarians  out of my own pocket and some  local people to  catch a group of wild dogs   who for years led to the growth of numerous puppy, s,, but  are wild and were almost impossible to catch, despite many attempts in the recent  past.

Together in consultation with the vets we made a plan not to catch the dogs with anesthesia using a blowpipe with anesthesia darts and give them hem neute/spay rtreatment before iadmitting them toi the center of Warin

At first I asked if they were in possession of a stun gun but that was a dumb question ilearned , because apparently that is only used on  elephants, and is way too powerful for dogs,

The blowpipe was homemade and I must say that the one who used it was highly professional
So the dogs did not suffer, and usually with the first dart the dog was  quickly out of conscious

The dog  in the photo below was the hardest dog to catch, but it was catched after the second dart and is sterilized in the kennel after two years wandering

She was the Alpha leader of the pack
Neuter/spay  2
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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
Eventually, we treated 25 dogs this way and admitted them to the kennel, and this was only one day in the life of Warin

This is a daily reality in Thailand and  looking at it and how she keeps it up my admiration grows day by day, knowing that I would not be able to sacrifice my life the Way Warin does