The clock strikes 03.30 and the staff of  Warin is already preparing
and cooking the meal of the dogs in the open air using wood as fuel to cook .
Unfortunately there is no kitchen in order and is rowing with the oars that would apply
An old fashioned wood fire, and 70 kg of uncooked rice, a real challenge to somebody from my culture and probably yours !!

And something I despite my many years in this country have never seen up close, and it  silently make me wondering what inspires someone to this kind of charity  day in and  day out,  year in and year out   without complaining, struggeling to meet the ends every day ?

Warin woke up around 5.00 in the morning, night, as far as I am concerned, and is organizing everything, what makes her clearly the general of this small but strong army, consisting of five soldiers who daily take care of the shelter, and also the temple dogs from the neighboring temples.

After the dogs in the sanctuary are fed, the remaining buckets of rice are going towards a kind of sidecar motorcycle that serves as transportation to the temple at the adjoining beach were many   hungry stray dogs are already waiting for Warin and her helpers.

Ultimately, the rice is done and slowly  fish waste is added to it, thus allowing the dogs to be able to provide something that has the appearance of proteins, but to Western concept never really becomes a healthy dog meal.
But then again  in the absence of alternatives, it seems a good solution, and animalprotection and governement rules don't excist  on this side of the globe, where life consists out of the survival of the fittest.
The water seems not to want to cook, but perhaps it is my impatience and cruelty
disturbed sleep, which are the cause of this.
A few dogs watching from a distance and  seem to know better than me, what is  happening  here is a ritual repeated each night what makes it possible to feed the stray dogs in the Centre and at the Local Temple.

By the end of the night around seven o'clock  most work is done and the cook can  start drying the cooked rice.
The wild wanderers from the beach look dangerous, and Warin explains to me, that the cuddle degree of these  dogs often is near to zero, and that the approximate dog will bite rapidly because of bad experiences with people during their homeless existence.
Well, I would not even dare to attempt to pet them, so watch this spectacle from a safe distance.
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The kitchen gear  looks indeed like paddles what they are using and many gallons of water disappearing into the large pan.

I am not used  to these early times, and in  the middle of the night be awake looking with envy, at these activities and the ease the "cook" takes care of her duty.
This form of animal help is strange to me  but forces me to have feelings of deep respect for the people who are able to do this.
Than  the many buckets are  filled with the mixture, and from a distance I hear the howling  of 230 ex sgtray dogs who know that the meal is ready .
The howling is frightning  and deafening, and I am  wondering how the  neighbors will feel about it, knowing for certain that in Holland this spectacle would mean  the end of this project, keeping in mind that such a project would not be possible in this form anyway!
The image of Warin and her sidecar motorcycle therefore is impossible to whipe from the Huayang streets, and has become part of normal daily life there, I myself look confused and secretly think despite my admiration "wat makes somebody tick to do such a thing".

Warin however seems to take up this daily task  again with fun and humor, because as she claims, "someone must  take care for these dogs" and therefore that someone
is her.
Arrived at the forest besides the temple, are the stray dogs in large numbers running towards Warin and her helpers  and gather around the rice in aluminum trays that are put  on the earth

You would expect with this type of large numbers of dogs thatyou would lose  to count and cant distinguish one dog from  the other, but the opposite is true Warin knows them all and every dog received his own namemostly  related to its  appearance
So ine dog is called
Daeng what red means in Thai, and another Leuan what a kind of skin desease the dog is suffering from.
After this the employees and Warin retrack theirselfs returning to the shelter, where many tasks are awaiting them like  the cleaning of cooking equipment and dog bins,
cleaning the kennel area, washing dogs and care of injured and sick dogs.
And ordering new rice for the coming week.
The day closes at 18.00 hours with the pick up of a crippled dog that need to be fed by hand, then so Warin takes him with her to her house to a securea save place to sleep.
I consider myself lucky that I can be of help with my ultimately more simple task that
I have given myself.

The fiery asian red sun begins to sink while still sweltering heat is present, and the mosquitoes start attacking everything that moves.

On that moment I realize humbly that I could not do what Warin is doing every day and thinking about the possibility present according to Bhuddism that I could be born again as a dog.

I will be a very lucky dog if Warin happens to find me !!!
Just another day in Huayang
They need your help !!
The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand