Future building
They need your help !!
The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand

This here is a 3D sketch of the future hospital . The hospital will service not only the rescue center but also its surrounding
for first aid and operations and treatment  to all kind of animals , so an income can be generated to help the center to be self-supporting.
On the top of the cinic there will be a restaurant and obeservation deck , whre you can have a drink and look in to the
rescue center  and see the dogs in teir natural enviroment  , and will bring an extra income from tourist , who will find also the possibility to buy things in the gift shop of the center

To accomplish this we will attrackt a vetinarian form te universty in Bangkok and offer him or her, a practice at the clinic on a 60/40 base including the task to set up an internship program for foreign student vetinarians which will be marketed to foreign universities for a certain price

This income than will be used to set up an extended neuter/spay program for the whole province of Prachuab Khirikhan and  will be an example to the Thai people and Thai governement  how they can change their enormous stray animal problem in their country

We also will start to find Thai volunteers who want to be a part of our programs and who can use their new knowledge about stray animals, to spread the word to local  schools and community
Hospital / first Aid
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