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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
Although the dogs were vaccinated 3 months ago distemper is killing them rapidly
Despite the mixed vacinaties a few months ago including distemper
during the heavy rainfall in Thailand on this moment  a major outbreak of distemper has come to warin her digs rescue center

What first seemed like a mild kennel cough with a vet immediately at the scene who offered h vague replies thabout a  a respiratory infection and antibiotic treatment began, the story was increasingly unlikely as many dogs died and the vet was unreachable
Another vet the next day would probably come but could not provide any guarantees
veterinarians in Huahin  were called but found the distance too far Huayang and refused to come

Which once again underlines why it is necessary that a proper veterinary clinic Huayang comes in with a well-trained physician

after contact with foreign consulting veterinarians and other contacts  it became increasingly clear that all signs comply with distemper
According to doctors, it is possible in adult dogs that are vaccinated but have not had a booster until some time later after the first vacinatie can, get distemper

Fortunately we have a solid Dutchypuppy donation so that we receive these funds finaciele disaster
At present there are nearly 50 deaths, and the outbreak is not under control, but sick dogs treated with antibiotics and a shot course of prednisolone

After investidgation we have found out the following things about the vet from Tabsakae

1. The vacination which was given was the wrong one and meant for puppies and not grown dogs

2, No revaccination was done as it shoud have been done after 12 day,s   - 3 weeks

3. The vet mis diagnosed  the oubreak and took wrong measurements

4. The vet did not take any responsibility and left for bangkok leavings his patients dying
1 November further oubreak was stopped and the dogs who are infected are started to heal thank to the hard work of Warin and the advices of Dr Aurelian from Roemenia

When the dogs are healthy again we will revaccinate after finding a reliable Vet