After feeding them at her house, she leaves at 10am to feed dogs living in the temples and on the streets and beaches, and then cleans these places after the animals finish their meal.

The second round of feeding starts in the afternoon in her sanctuary, after the entire place has been thoroughly cleaned and tidied up to ensure high standards of hygiene.

"When I see them enjoying their food, I feel so happy. I think I won't be able to sleep at night if I don't go out to feed all these poor animals. They wait for me every day, and when they see my tricycle they always scamper towards me. That never fails to bring a smile to my face," she said.

Don't think that in view of her heavy workload Ms Warin's dogs must have matted hair or smell bad. On the contrary, they are in very good shape, soft and clean as pedigreed dogs because Ms Warin and her relatives bathe them regularly.

"We have to bathe six dogs a day every day. But on a sunny day, we can give a wash to 10 dogs. My relatives feel sorry for me, so they volunteer to help me. I am extremely grateful to all of them," she said.

Surprisingly, she said she has plenty of time for relaxation."Taking care of these dogs relaxes me. I do it with my heart, so I don't feel stressed or bored. You know, playing with or touching a dog is good mental therapy. You can derive a lot of pleasure from that," said the dog devotee.

"During the hot season, I take my vacation at my canine resort. I sleep with my dogs. They are happiest during this period because they see me day and night, and I must confess those are my happiest moments, too," she said, smiling broadly.

At the end of the day, Ms Warin always reminds herself of the impermanence of life. This spurs her to look forward to the following day, and gives her all the more reason to carry out the role of a giver regardless of whether the recipients are animals or humans.

"Our time in this world is very, very short. So what we should do is help others, whether they are animals or humans. I'm so happy to be a giver, and I don't want anything in return."

Ms Warin needs financial support to neuter and spay some of her dogs. Those who are keen to help her and her dogs or come for a visit can call her on 08-6048-3349 or 08-4877-2737.

Bank account details:

Account name: Warin Taphaothong

Bank: Bangkok Bank PLC, Tab Sakae branch

Account Number: 282-0-38752-6
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