Accomplished last 10 months
They need your help !!
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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
The grounds are filled up with new soil and elevated with the result that the dogs will be dry the  coming rain season
The first action did nog gave the elevation wanted so a  second  action was needed  after the first rain made it clear that the first attempt was not enough
A stone wall  fence of 195 meters was build, with electrical wire to prevend the dogs going over the wall
A front entrance was build  with a big entrance door and two billboards on both sides one which explaines how the Center was developed
And one billboard with all the names of the sponsors who helped financially
Inside the intrance a corridor was made so visitors can easily look arround before they deside to go in and will be welcomed by 200 dogs
A water well was digged in the shelter , and with it a new watersystem was build with exit points at all the doghouses providing fresh drinkwater and water to clean the seperate shelters
New open shelters were build, with elevated sleeping places for the dogs
with concrete floors and waste water gutters
New   corrugated iron roofs were painted in a friendly green color and msot new shelters  got new concrete beams to support the new roofs
Internet website in several languages was made by me  and  an extended mailing was done to animal foundations within Holland and Belgium  asking for help and advice
A second website was made on Hyves (social internet group Holland)
This did lead to the first donations for the shelter, and the possibility to start durable rebuilding of several small projects needed on a short notice

The story of Warin became well known within animal foundations and their members within Holland  and Belgium and now is starting to reach America with the help of Marlee Heiss our american representative and sponsor to the shelter
After  6 months solely doing this project by myself, I am now getting help from other people abroad who believe in what I am doing overhere and have seen the results over these 6 months
Little by little  a small staf of volunteers is formed ,and the first volunteer in Thailand has arived last week
Marilee Heiss was willing to represent us in America which is a very inportant step forwards for the centre

A central feeding and drinking place was build in order to make this daily event more efficient as it is situated beside the kitchen and water well
Build up from scratch was the ultimate message !!

As you can see, the pictures show you that a lot has changed the past six months. With the donations of mostly Dutch organization we build up a new concrete fence with a new gate, new dog shelters, a well with a water pump and piping to keep our recue center clean, provide the dogs of water and clean them.
In the past the rescue center had a lot of trouble during the rainy season. The ground level of the kennel was to low and flooded during heavy rainfall. We elevated the ground to prevent future problems and give the dogs a dry place to live.
To create a nice entrance to our center we put signs at that tell visitors about the way we work and about who sponsored the rescue center. Also we put a great sign at the main road.

22 Juli 2010  we Have succesfully finished the construction odf the Marilee sickbay/ recovery center
The center had room for 6 diffrent animals who need emergency healthcare    in a clean and separte enviroment
Conctructing an underwatertank  where to well water is pumped to and
it  gets mixed with chlorine before it goes to all water taps in the shelter
Watertank ready and waiting for the extra pump
2  new play grounds and houses

1:  for puppies who are dropped at the shelter  so they stay away from the big group and can be vaccinated and protected from being bitten

2; for handicapt dogs or long term sick dog who cant defrend themselfs in the big group
A fence around the water well and kitchen so the dogs cant interrupt with the needed hygiene there
Air fans in the sickbay which are  cooling  down the sick dogs  during their sick stay
Level uo the ground to the shelter , so we can receive tourist on an later stage including planting new plants
Second sick bay with 4 more rooms for sick and wounded dogs
Neuter/spay 30 dogs in and outside of the rescue center including 2x revacination of the dogs
rescue and operation of a traffic accident with a stray puppy
rescue of the forgotten stray dog Pain in Huahin