The operational method of the Shelter
Work method
Once the newcomers  are doing better and stronger they will be added to the main group in  phases
Preventing the new comer getting killed by others as they still donít have a place and rank within the group
This process will take time, and has to be monitored closely for a more than a week 
Food consists mostly of rice with pieces of fish waste ,that can bought cheap Warin, as Huayang is a fishing village, money for meat or dog food is not really present
These dogs are hopeless dogs, and finding a family who wants to adopt these dogs is an impossibility nobody wants them and Thai people only like pedigree dogs which proves their rank in  the Thai society
This means that once a dogs is rescued,  he will stay in the shelter for the rest of his live  as back on the street s is no option and only will bring them in the old undesirable situation

Aid to the temple dogs
Every day of the week Warin visits the premises of the temple, with 2 volunteers to feed and take care of the  street dogs , as the monks will not .
If one of these dogs is in bad shape, or sick Warin will catch him ,and bring him to the shelter
Warin owns a piece of land for the dogs 60 x 40 meter ,where the dogs live in freedom  as a group and where they are fed and taken care off.
New dogs which often  are injured, sick, first will need first aid  and screening
These newcomers are initially isolated from the group and kept in isolation
Here they will be screened for diseases and vaccinated for various diseases ,since dogs street dogs usually had  no  vaccination whatsoever since they were born
Even the animal traders on the local markets sell dogs without any vaccination  to save money ,although they will provide the new owner  with a piece of paper   that claims that the dog had his vaccinations,   Truth is they did not ,and the certificate is a forgery ,and more than 60 % of them die before they are 3 month old 
When possible Warin does her  own screening of the new comers ,and became in al the years pretty good in it
Vets  are only called in id necessary as veterinarians in Thailand are not prepared to provide assistance without payment. which mostly is not affordable for Warin

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