"The mother Theresa of the Dogs "
It all started in the year  2002 in which Warin was confronted on a daily basis with the suffering of the street dogs in Prachuab Khirikhan  a province in Thailand
These dogs  were mostly treated badly, lived in bad circumstances  suffering  from diseases, wounds and malnutrition with  no save place to go!!

The only sanctuary open for these dogs where the Buddhist Temples that took care of these animals as good as possible but had little means and money to do so .
As Warin still had an old chicken farm  which was not used anymore as the result of the bad economy in Thailand, she started to use this old chicken farm, as a shelter for these animals in distress, which was the beginning of her dogs rescue center a project which she never intended to start, and  that grew much quicker than expected and intended .!
Nevertheless Warin went on with the little means she had ,to take care of all the suffering dogs in here Neighborhood and even offered here help and support to the Temple in Huayang who also had many homeless and sick dogs and who where happy with Warin''s kind and gently help on a daily base
It was rapidly known in her Neighborhood who she was and what she did ,and people started to dump sick and homeless dogs at her front porch mostly in the night or early morning ,so the dumper of the dogs was never known !
The population grew in the years up to 200 dogs  who had their own  large space behind the house where she made a natural dog center with dog houses made of bamboo and other cheap material .
As many of the dogs where ill  or wounded , starved or dying ,she had to call in veterinarians
and bit by bit started to learn how to medical treat the animals by her self reducing the never ending costs to keep the animals fed alive and happy

Rescue center
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