Short -term goals
They need your help !!
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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
                          Short-term goals of the rescue center

The short term goals we have to meet are necessary to keep the Centre  alive, and make the center  ready to meet the first possible tourist coming in November
which can start provide for an income  needed for food medicines , neuter/spay , operations of wounded and sick animals ,daily other costs
Off course these short-term goals concerning the infrastructure won’t be enough to cover all costs but  a further plan to do so you will find in the long-term goals
To do so ,we will depend on funds and help from donations outside of Thailand
So we can divide this in infra-structure and daily costs, and a virtual adoption system
The first challenges to meet are the following points concerning

infra-structure  ;

1.Level  up the soil on the drive way  to the Centre and equalize the 
2.Planting trees on both sides of the drive way
3.Refrigerator to keep medicines
4.medicine cabinet
5.make a fence around open internal kitchen
6.Construct a simple outside restaurant for tourists with an attached gift
   shop with T shirts and gadgets for the tourists with the rescue center 
    on them and advertisement

Daily costs
1.Food about 60 kg a day (which exist out of plain rice at the moment and need to have some protein )
2.Medicines ,

3.Vet costs (neuter/spay ,screening ,treatment)

Virtual adoption system
On this moment we are documenting all dogs, which we will place on the website for virtual adoption which can help us to cover some daily costst , but also will look at possibilities for real adoption to other countries 

Donation by Paypal
You can donate for :
1. Food and medicines
2. Infra structure
3. Hospital /clinic
4. Daily cost
5 .Neuter /Spay