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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
Rusty finally died !!
Warin and Rusty have
had a long relationship and been on many journeys together and now their relationship has ended sadly and we need to upgrade our trusty Rusty.
As soul mates often do they share so many memories,and this friendship has spanned a decade or more which in this day and time is remarkable.

Like Warin, Rusty never let the team down always ready @ 6 am to go to the market to buy food for the dogs,check on sick distressed or diseased dogs. Not very comfortable but bringing peace and warmth for the deserted frightened animal.

Rusty worked day and night for Hua Yang Dog
Rescue Centre for over 10 years and  his
magnificent life has ended, and the tragedy
is without our Trusty Rusty we have
no way of taking care of the dogs.

In order to give Rusty the send off he
deserves and to bring closure to his
wonderful life and companion Warin
we need a new motorbike to ensure the work at HYDRC continues and his work is not in vain.

So we need your help to preserve Rusty and allow Warin to continue to provide critical support to the dumped,abandoned and injured dogs of Thailand.

Our goal is to raise 30,000 Baht,to get a second hand bike and salin which is the side car where the dogs sit and can be moved for treatment or rescue.
This is the time of the year where we reflect on what is important to us and those that matter most and we sing about Angels here is an Earth Angel you can help.

Wishing all our wonderful Supporters and donors a sensational Xmas and Happy New Year.
Warmest Regards.

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Wataboutcambodia is our community partner in Thailand who provides education,training in Hua Yang.