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They need your help !!
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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
Several days ago I suddenly got this mail from France asking to rescue stray dog by a francaise who was haunted by the image of a starving dog that she had met on her vacation in Thailand

Her email to me:

I have found your site after 2 weeks of full time Research on my computer.
Since my return from Thailand (Hua Hin) on January 1st, I have tried to find help. I have just put an ad in the Classified Hua Hin, and I wrote to the charity only had I heard or Dogs Head rock. Nobody accepted to help me.
I have been heartbroken since I had to leave That starving dog on the parking lot of the hotel where I was staying. I have fed him for a few days. I asked the hotel people to feed him, but I Could understand from Their polite smile That They had no intention to do so.
I cried a whole day when i left, and since then I have not leg-able to forget 'my' dog.
I really need some help: a dog-taxi driver who Would acceptable to go there, bring dog food to the only person who Seems to care for the animal (the hotel gardener), or just bring the dog back to your place. Of course I am quite aware That this is a long drive from Huayang to Hua Hin, but I am more Than willing to pay for all the expenses, and for "my" dog's food, as well as food for the others You Take Care of . (International tranfer)
Some taxi drivers need to work, and if you find one, I'll pay the price he ask for compromise. I know that there are thou sands of dogs Which need help in Thailand, and I have sent money to a few charities in the Past Years. But saving Particular That dog is very important to me, he was put on my road by Providence or God, whatever, and I feel I Should have saved him from an horrible slow death.
I am writing this letters from France, from here there's nothing I can do, and on my next trip to Thai, it Will Be Too Late for the Dog.
  I hope you willing to accept help me. So if, answer me and I'll send you all the detail about the dog Where to find.
More Than I'll be pleased to support your charity at the future and just to visit. And Thank you for all the dog Already you have saved.

Quite fast it  became clear to me that Marie had made many attempts to other foundations, asking for help but none of those foundations was prepared to do what Marie asked them to do 

Eventually I was sick off all the bulshit and indifference and  drove to  Huahin from  Banglamung  with our Dutch volunteer Jose with me
And I started looking in Huahin for  the resort, which was not easy to find, but after many questions we finally managed to reach the destination

In  to the resort I asked  the manager if he knew which dog it was ,and said he would try to find out and could remember   a woman from France called Marie
fifteen minutes later and came back with good news for the dogs was somewhere behind the resort and  warned that the  dog would bite so I had to be careful

I went to the  back with the manager  and there was a completely emaciated dog with sad eyes full of dust and probably mighty hungry and full of  fear for many people  who probably beat him up in the past

He looked at me somehow hopeful and licked my outstretched hand before I could pet him and I definitely did not feel that he would bite me, it looked as if he himself understood that I had the best for him and that The final rescue was at hand

My first idea to him a rope around his neck to do was far from easy because there he was very frightened and began to thrash and growl and pull,  I took of the rope again and Jose was able to lift him and carry him  to the car

During the ride  he was quiet, he slept a lot and seemed to understand everything that was happening in his new life was for the best , or maybe he just liked the airco
Arriving at Warin, I examined the dog and we immediately began a major treatment given the poor state in which the dog was

Of course, the dog  was entitled to have a  name, and because he was skinny, we baptized him Pain the French word for bread, and in English "pain" "
Marie was very happy that finally we  succeeded to find pain and admit him to the rescue center  because she had seen so much  indifference to her request too many that she nearly had given up

Beyond that Mary has kept her word on the donations, which will help  “”pain””  and  other stray dogs , as a rescue center always is in need for finances  especially in a country where there is no help For straydogs

And I am still amazed by the fact that in this resort which all his luxury, people did not had the compassion to feed Pain

We hope to see Marie in the future ,and are happy that she can sleep now without the nightmares
caused by a Thai straydog

A cry for help from France