Neuter/spay scheme
neuter/spay in the past
In the past there were many problems because the dogs constantly had  new puppies.
Soon this process was halted by the use of local veterinarians who took care of 
neuter/spay s
This happened as you can see the back of a pickup truck and in the open air, something that often went non expected well, and usually did not  led to the expected complications and infections
But there had to be paid, for these services  and given the dry financial state of the shelter and  growing dog population , it was time to go find a different,  and cheaper solution

Warin got through a friendly veterinarian  the tip  to contact the Chulalongkorn  University  in Bangkok ,and ask for their  help for neuter/spay  of  the stray dogs.
After a visit to the university  it was agreed to , that the University 1 a 2x per year on request  with 19 students and 1 graduate veterinarian and teacher ,  would come to Huayang to take care of the neuter/spay
It takes the group of vets  about 2 days  to carry out their work ,there are no charges for their work, except cost for meals and drinks
Neuter /spay procedures  are  no longer  done in the open air, but Warin her  living room, is being used as a  temporary operation room
The only period the vets from Bangkok wont come is the  rainy  season
This as a result of possible  flooded roads and bad circumstances
Then when needed Warin will still use a local vet
Local veterinarian  operating
neuter/spay at  this moment
neuter/spay the exception
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