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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
Morten Nilsen our  vet from Sweden
When I visted Huayang begin of december 2011 after not having been there  for a long period, as a result from the flood  that was making bangkok a non travel area  , I was surpridsed that on my arrival i found a Swedish vet in the emergency conducting neuter /spay

I was even more surprised as this vet was a guy which I felt quickly comfortable with, looking like somebody who enjoy's life , some nice tatoos on his body , a broad smile , and skilled hands doing some neuter and spay, with an easiness that proved it was not the first time he did such an operation and in the mean time found time to answer my questions, and joke about  this kind of operation that makes me feel hurt in my groin when I see it
His ok hat already made a lot clear to me as it stated"" I am a docter and not a plumber "" which he proved after treating  several dogs, but also tells us that Morten likes to have some fun in life and does not take everything to seriously , which creates a good and healthy enviroment for the people assisting him in this case 2 Swedish woman

Morten told me that he is praktizing as a vet since 1997, and works In a vet clinic in Sweden

but also does volunteer work for animals that need help but can't pay for it !!

Morten is coming to Thailand for about 5 years already, and met Warin last year during his holliday's in Huayang where he also did neuter/spay not knowing that the ketamine he brought with him , is highly forbidden in Thailand as it can be used as a drug in stead of narcose purpose.
Luckely he was not stopped by customs and left last year, the ketamine inThailand so he not had to take this risk again this year!!
The look of a modern vet and my kind of guy
Morten( and his assistents)  in his element, using his skills
This time he is in Huayang for one month renting a house from a friend of him and brought sterilized equipment with him to do his operations in handy sets pro dog all very tied and  well organized as his operations are !

At he end of his operations he had another surprise in the form of  vacinations for new dogs against parvo distemper , and hepatitus  which he got donated by: MSD Animal health in Sweden

He told us that this company is except for making money on medicines for animals also gives back to animals in need who doent have access to medicines , and we thank MSD  for their help to our Rescue Center !!!!

I was sorry I was not able to stay for longer, as Morten told me that on monday he would operate again in our center on some dogs and a cat.

I hope dearly to meet this great Vet, next year again !!