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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
Mona a 63 year old ,special lady from France
Unexpectedly and suddenly, I got an email from Mona from southern Thailand with the question “ if she could volunteer in Huayang “and whether there was room for her to park her camper with us

Well, what should we decide , especially since I have decided for various reasons and lessons learned in the past , it is good for first time volunteers to screen them first  to avid problems or disappointments
I finally made  a phone call to Mona but that was short and partly due to the poor connection was not really a fruitful as hoped for, so I  consulted Warin what she wanted ,and Warin said, "Bring it on"

And one week later, Mona arrived  on a gas station waiting for  the arrival of Warin ,who would take her to the center As it is hard to find if you never been there before
I myself was not  in Huayang  at that time, due to the floods all over Thailand and the risk to get in the middle of it, with my car !

A few days later, I called Warin  and it  was sincere  enthusiasm concerning Mona,  who became rapidly the sunshine in Warin het mostly cloudy life , and Mona  turned out to be radiated serenity, not scolded, and soon was busy helping  Warin on  her own initiative and remarkable ability to stay in the background but still get things done
After several emails to Mona, I tempted  her to give me a short version of what made her come alone To Thailand with  a camper and her four dogs

This is her story:

hHello! so,in fact,i spent 12years long time ago,in south east asia,and i new i would come back one day,because i feel better here than in france....maybe because i was born in vietnam,which i left when 9months old;i love the nature,flowers and green everywhere,love the food,spicy and no big piece of meet,the people always smiling,and no stress..;;10years ago,i decided to live in a truck,so i could be as often as possible,far from town.;;;i had 2dogs,soon,4........;;;;i couldn't arrive in bangkok airport with 4dogs,+i like driving around,also i like living in a truck,so the best was to do the trip,by truck.;;;;;;;took a while to get ready......;;;save money.....i got a smaller truck and i built everything inside myself,so i was sure it would be strong and the engine+everything ready for a long check for me;health papers for the dogs so they could travel everywhere.....all this took me 5years and it was time to go.;;;;did italy_greece_turkey_geogia_azerbaidjan_turkmenistan_ouzbekistan_kazakstan_kyrghyzstan_china_laos,then thailand..........a fantastic journey,10months on the road,taking time to go here and there.........i loved each country,i who love nature,it was great,i could let the dogs go free,we had kilometers for ourselves.........i knew nothing about those countries,so i'm glad i could visit them....i usually sleep in my truck,or sometimes,in town,i pay for parking in hotel parking...........the big problem was china,drive in china with your own car is possible but costs a lot of money as you must pay agency+guide(cannot drive alone)+chinese driving licence+plates+insurance.need autorisations from provinces,army,government....4months papers.....when i was kazahkstan+kyrghyzstan..all was ready,but at the border,they refused my dogs,so i went back to bishkek,sent the dogs by plane to bangkok,whith a friend,and got just in time at the border",torugart,"kyrghyzstan-china,which was closing the next day,29 september,already snow,ice,road impossible,3700meters high.......i loved central asia,but too cold in winter,it can go down to -40.....china was horrible,just black stone or sand on 5000km...the last 2000 were better...but i was so happy to arrive dogs were in a shelter near uthai thani,i stayed there myself 8months then went near phatoto,and now huayyang.

The enthusiasm has remained, and grown for both Mona and  Warin ,which has led to Mona  to decide not to travel through Thailand more on this moment  , but stay  a longer time with  Warin and her ex stray dogs
Where she gave herself multiple tasks taking care of the stray dogs but also do some necessary land scaping one of the many skills Mona has to offer
I hope this month to travel  to Huayang and meet this remarkable woman