Long-term goals
They need your help !!
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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
The Long-term goals of the center are there to make the center more self-supporting so the center can provide enough income to provide for the daily costs and start external neuter /spay programs education to the locals , schools and children
For the province of prachuab Khirikhan and other help to stray animals

                              The clinic and observation  deck

From the beginning (november2009) when  I began  to help Warin her  needy project, my big question was, "how do you get it out of the problems  but single biggest question "How does  this project stay out off future problems because I could not imagine that people are willing to donate constantly, or you will have constantly to find new donors which is  a very time consuming and often disappointing  choice of  work, especially if you are on your own.
Of course I did my own  little research in this e matter, but also asked organizations how they survived ,and they all told me we would  need some income we really could rely on next to donations
This was  the moment that I've started thinking about an animal surgery clinic with  an operation room for all animals in the area, with attached  to it a veterinarian who would earn t 50% of the profits made by the clinic and  50%.which  Would flow back to the center and start taking care of a part of the daily costs to keep the center a live  , the stray animals  in and outside the shelter must be treated by the veterinarian for free being a part of the agreement
Warin  also lives near the famous waterfall Huayang that are  visited regularly by tourists thatís why  it  seems a good idea that  these tourists also would  visit Warin  her shelter, so we can  get donations  sell food and drinks and gadgets to provide another income for the shelter
For this idea I designed an observation deck on the top the planned clinic where you can get something to eat and drink, and from above watch  200 stray dogs in their own environment, which we will give more jungle look to make it even more attractive
This would be the first  dog rescue center in the world ,were  tourists could see such a  spectacle
, and also can buy all sorts of gadgets and  souvenirs of this  unique visit to  the Huayang dogs rescue center
And we  would offer the possibility to adopt a dog from the shelter real time or virtual

I know, it sounds very commercial but at  this time it costs 1,000 Euro just to buy rice to feed the dogs.  This is only rice, not regular dog food.   we are talking not about medical care, neuter sterilization of stray dogs from the area and the beach. Only the systematic sterilization of stray animals and spay/neuter can prevent further increase in the population and the suffering unsterilized animals bring.,  There is no money for that and there are no animal subsidies in Thailand.  To keep asking for donations in a world that is already donation weary is not what we want to keep having to do. I hope that a request for help for this project that can make a Rescue Center in an animal-friendly country  survive and self-supporting will be seriously considered.  It is the animals that will benefit by being able to live their lives humanely and well. That is why we are asking and every contribution no matter how small or how large will

Only the systematic sterilization of stray animals and spay can prevent further  increase  of stray animals, but there is  no money to do so in Thailand ,no subsidies, and   the Thai themselves  are usually not interested in suffering from animals

to keep asking for donations in donation weary world does not work,
But  I hope that a question for a donation for a project  like this ,which would change the world for stray animals in Thailand will make you decide to give a donation to us

So please change the world of stray animals in Thailand
                          You provide the money , We do the rest  !!

As you may  see we choose to use  donation money to set up these  durable goals  ,but at  the end it will flow  back to help stray animals which is and will  always stay the main goal of the Centre , but by being self-supporting   we can finance these projects and therefore a be a new and innovative project, which should be an example how the Thai people themselfs  can start to care and solve the problems with stray animals ,which are the most forgotten and neglected group in this Country

Donation by Paypal
You can donate for :

1. Hospital /clinic
2 .food/medicines e
3. Daily costs
4. Neuter/spay