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Dutch actions and Aid
They need your help !!
In November 2009

I have started a big scale action to find the nessessary sponsors and funds I needed to help Warin within my own birth country Holland 
Holland  also is a Country Warin lived for several years, before she returned to Thailand
And I was Amazed  how quick the generous people of Holland ,where ready and able to give the quick help and funds I needed, to take the first step to  help this rescue center .

After my start in November 2009  with no real expectations , I found 2 people who became my advisors , sponsors , and ftherefore the fundament  off actions and fundraising I started
in holland
the first I met was
Betty klootwijk from  "dogs without a future"  who right away gave a donation foor food for the dogs during cristmas , and after that introduces me yo the dutch Hyve sites

The second one was
Wietse Haak  from "H.A.A.S who became my direct right hand and daily advisor in fund raising  within Holland  being a well known person within the circles  of animal rescue and care national and international 
His organisation H.A.A.S also made it possible that dutch people could transfer their money to their organisation  who then took care it would come to Thailand
Wietse is a man of few words , but al lot of heart  for animals , and practical help where ever needed
As I am not a person who calls somebody a friend overnight , I do concsider wietse  a true friend

Quicly I got to know several help organisations  and some did have some funds to help others offered there help by starting an action for warin and hetr dogs on there websites and even  a Belgian help organisation  led by
Carine "Stray dogs" .  Did care and started to help
After 2 months of hard work, and following Wietse his  advice ,we mangaged to raise the funds for a new dog fence for Warin
The fence will be built in Februari 2010 and will bew the first step crawling back from hell for Warin !!!

To make it possible for English readers or readers in other languages I integrated
Google translation
into the Dutch pages so you can see for your self how the Dutch has, helped Warin Big Time

You can follow the links at the  bottom  of  this page, to go to the Dutch pages with Google translation in Your language 

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