Dumped on the street and in temples
Homeless dogs are largely responsible for the mass of puppies found wandering looking for food and shelter but family “latch key” dogs are possibly equally responsible. These dogs are often not sterilised and if puppies are born from family dogs, more often than not, the majority are dumped at a temple or other public place rather than found a home with a friend or neighbour. The truth is, if people know the Huayangdogsrescuecenter , they sometimes try to anonymously dump a white rice sack full of fluffy bundles at the gate.
There are already so many “No Hope” dogs on the streets and if you visit markets, shop car parks or other public amenity area, where there might be food during early morning or evening, you will see them hanging around looking for food.
When dumped at temples, they fight for their lives and if they survive without being eaten or managing to find some food of their own, they will join the masses. These place are not picture card tropical rest homes but sad and dreary pitiful places. Some temples have literally hundreds and it is not because monks particularly like dogs, but because they get overwhelmed by dumped dogs from irresponsible owners. Some in fact want to move dogs out from the temples by any means possible.
Reality on the streets and in temples
Dogs are often hit by cars or motorbikes, run over whilst asleep under the car or even asleep at the side of the road. Huayangdogsrescuecenter often receives a dog from someone who came across the dog in terrible agony after an accident. Sometimes they take the dog directly to a vet or immediately seek our assistance, either with medical help  transportation or boarding.  Sometimes the person who found the sick or injured dog continues to keep an eye on them. Just once in a while, the people take the dog into their family as a pet. Illness and injury from disease (e.g. distemper
or parvo virus and the consequence of living rough on the streets, can often kill a dog. Afflictions such as nerve damage, broken bones resetting out of place, open wounds putrefying and a list of other conditions lead to dogs living shorter lives. Dying sooner in some cases would seem to be a kinder release for them. But sometimes the dog comes to the shelter in good faith of being paid for and claimed by the person who found them in the street and they never follow through
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