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The Huayang Dogs Rescue Center Thailand
Virtual Adopt a dog in Thailand
Warin her  care to  her ex stray dogs  always was  paid for ,with private funds, but after eight years the number of dogs to  care for  is growing and becomes increasingly difficult to make ends meet . For the 200 dogs Warin currently takes care off , there must be every day about 70 kilos of rice with sometimes a little fish if here is enough money  . This equates to 2,100 kilos per month, costing more than 1000, -. That is minimal 5, - per dog, just for food each month ...

You can help Warin to bring the monthly cost down by adopting one of her dogs . You may decide how much you want to donate , in this way to support Warin and her dogs. every dollar is welcome. Together we can make a difference that is so desperately needed
To thank you, two times a year a picture of your dog and an update of how he or she is. You also get our newsletter sent to you which will keep you  informed of the Huayang Dogs Rescue Center.

Of course it is your generous gesture that will contribute to the welfare of these outcast dogs , who now under the care of a dog Warin  can have dignified existence.
You can choose from 20 dogs, Warin gives food to  200 though
With our small team of volunteers, it is almost impossible to put  all 200 dogs on the website and  every year 200 new pictures and updates to write and send  for  200 dogs . Each of these 20 dogs is therefore a symbol of 10 dogs of Warin. This means you probably adopt the same dog together with someone else but the money will be divided over 10 dogs
Please take the necessary steps on the website to adopt a dog . and send an e-mail with the name of your chosen dog  to Ton Popelier, then we'll give you all the information you need to "adopt a dog ,to be accompanied by a large digital photo  of your new adopted dog.

n advance we thank you, especially on behalf of Warin and her dogs.

Virtuele Adoptie
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Boah Loi
Age: 6 mnd.

Boah Loi (US: Water lily) is a fickle creature, she should have her day. One day she opens herself as one of the flower and water lily and  hops merrily. Sometimes the flower closed and remains lying quietly in a corner. She was a little scared, even Warin
Age: 3 years

Both (US: Blind) can not see well, so she
bounces against objects  When Warin first saw her (she was walking on the beach), she seemed to be drunk and she was very skinny. As a result of the  good care of Warin she found full recovery. Now they actually eat a bit too much. Her blindness remains a disability that makes her  got bitten by the others sometimes
Age: 6-7 mnd.

Caouw (UK: kow- mostly white in Thailand) is a strong dog. Many of his peers who walked around the temple got parvo deceased. In January Warin has taken him. It is tourist season, so many puppies  are being  runt over. Caouw had parvo, but the care of Warin he did  recover and is now a healthy boy
Age : 2 Years

Cloeclic (US: Tumbler) was born on the beach. As a puppy he could not walk. Warin when  saw him ishe took him in rright away . If he starts runninghe manages a few good steps, but then he tumbles in all directions. He must be pretty tough, because he  also sometimes falsfrom a step , then land on his back, but gives no sound and just keeps smiling
Co Co
Age: 4 Years

Coco has its name from the fact that Warin likes  (chocolate) milk . His two brothers are not always so sweet and barking at her. The whole family lived three years in Huayang Dogs Rescue Center. Dad, mom and their three sons. Mom and Dad have been neutered and spayed, so family planning is not there anymore.

Cou Fahng
Age : 1,5 jr.

The firstborn of a family with three children. He has one brother and one sister. His mother (Calameh) lives with Warin and has  the posture of a large dachshund. His father is a big dog and 'live' on the beach. There are only  few street dogs with short legs, because it is generally more difficult because they are slower  what makes it harder to survive
Age : 6 mnd.

Dangh (two colored ) was one of the many puppies that  in January walked at the temple She's a bit of a loner and . she is  a bit of a quiet and insignificant creature. She plays with other little puppies. There lives no family of her  with Warin. She was very ill, but it's getting better with her now??.
Deng Jai
Age : 10 jr.

Deng Jai (Red No. 1) is one of the first dogs that Warin had. She stands firmly on her feet and is very strong. She is the only dog to have a  a chain, because otherwise  she will the nearly two meters high fence. She looks at you always with a scowl, as if wondering whether you're out of your mind

Deng Song
Age : 9 jr

Deng Song (: Red # 2) was pregnant when Warin took her  from the temple. She had two sons. One is called Poh and has been neutered male of 4.5 years old. Pah, her second son was very sick last month and is sadly deceased. Song Deng quite easily has sex with  any male that felt like it, so Warin does not know who the father is from  Poh  and Pah.

Doan Jai
Age : 6 jr

Doan means "without tail" and Jai means 'great'. To the dismay of Warin, she has three dogs placed somewhere else, because her family is found all those dogs  too expensive. Jai Doan was one of those who was brought somewhere else but  escaped capture. Warin when at  the market saw him there after he escaped  and brought him home with her

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